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09 Jun 2017 Mark Jermin Stage School are looking for talented Performing Arts/ Drama Teachers

We are looking for trained performers with teaching and performance experience to teach in a number of branches at the Mark Jermin Stage School in South Wales.

Ideal candidates will possess a strong track record of working with young children, be able to keep a class focused and enthusiastic, and have clear ideas about material which will motivate students ones to improve their confidence and skills in singing, dance and drama.

Enthusiasm for youngsters is essential.
Duties: preparation of lesson plans and tuition in singing, dance or drama; writing student reports; attending staff meetings and developing demonstration performances in co-operation with the Principal.

Please send your CV with details of your training, performance experience, teaching experience, and work you have done with children (specify ages) to info@markjermin.co.uk

For more information or if you have queries, email the info@markjermin.co.uk or call 01792 458855.